Puerto de Addaya


As from May 11, 2020, as previous legal operating limitations established due to the Estate of Alarm declared because of the COVID-19 pandemic are over, all the services of Puerto Addaya are open and operative as established in OM TMA/400/2020 for all clients and users who are resident in the Isle of Minorca. Maintenance and repair works that could be needed on the boats may be agreed through the personnel of Puerto Addaya or with maintenance service suppliers hired by clients and users of the port.



A calm harbour that offers its services in a very natural way for an easy reach.

Thanks to the colaboration of our sailors and administrative staff you can enjoy the following services:

  • Launching and landing through sublift for boats up to 14 tons.
  • Hibernation of boats.
  • Ramp.
  • Electricity and water.
  • Car park.
  • Showers, washing machines and tumble driers.
  • Mechanics, repair and hull maintenance.
  • Nauticial shop.
  • Bar and restaurant.
  • Nearby supermarket.